Voices – in my mailbox!

I received my first box of stock for sale of the Voices (In The Trash) book, today. Both hardcover and soft. Voices (In The Trash) - final I took a small gamble that the last cover adjustments I had uploaded would be executed as I wanted, and I think they have come out ok, so … Continue reading Voices – in my mailbox!

I love making books.

8 New Covers for 8 new titles As soon as I heard the foorsteps on my driveway a few minutes ago I knew that it would have to be my new titles being delivered. Just a feeling. The top row are the last of my Archive series. Books 17 - 20, and bring my otherwise … Continue reading I love making books.

The latest tranche – 7 more Archives

Archive Books 10 - 16 Deliveries are so very exciting! I delight in anticipating and then receiving little packages of books, and the most recent lot arrived just a minute ago. A mixed bag, in the covers (again), at first impression. Two what was I thinking! The remaining five, I quite like, and I'll tell … Continue reading The latest tranche – 7 more Archives

A little more on covers . . .

I posted earlier today about covers and provided an image from the batch of books that I'm currently waiting to receive - most likely next week. Here is that post if you'd like to re-visit that. I'm quite the amateur in regard to covers, with a lot still to master in regard to artistry and … Continue reading A little more on covers . . .

Archive covers

I thought folk might be interested in what I'm doing for covers with the archive group of books/collections. The first group I did - Bachelard Interpreted - I chose a piece of burnt log and then played around with filters and the like to get 8 different cover images out of it. Mixed success, I'd … Continue reading Archive covers

Unveiling the new!

Well, I'm quite delighted. An early birthday present. Some pics are in order! Opening the package. Always a good moment. The first opening. The gang of ten. Eight books comprising my Bachelard Interpreted Omnibus. These are intended for me to edit at leisure and to have in book form for my personal library. There are … Continue reading Unveiling the new!

Pebbles in Paperback. Cover revealed!

I made a decision a few days back that, even though there are some collections I put together that won't be released for sale - for various reasons - in paperback format, nonetheless, I want to create a PB version for my own bookshelf. So I spent a day and half, perhaps two, turning the … Continue reading Pebbles in Paperback. Cover revealed!

A Book Cover a day for seven days (Day 7). Men at Arms – Terry Pratchett

Day 7 I've been tagged by Mick Canning to choose and feature 7 book covers in 7 days. The covers of books that mean something special to me. This entry is for my Day 7 (and final) cover. Terry Pratchett What a great shame this man was afflicted by a form that scurviest disease of … Continue reading A Book Cover a day for seven days (Day 7). Men at Arms – Terry Pratchett