left dry (and unworldly)

how will we drink
the dust

can you tell me

we are burning
from above
from below

there’ll be nothing left
but the holes
where we mined
and the cracks
in the earth
that were once held together
by water

and still it’s not

we have to take
another barrel out

send it
all the way
to china

like taking
your own heart
and selling it
to the highest bidder

leaving you
like a husk
after harvest

rattling empty
with every passing breeze
that passes
where we are left
to stand

a ragged bunch
of scarecrow skeletons
still craving

not knowing
that we have already

and the dead
can no more serve
worldly purpose


From the News. The miserable bloody news.

31 thoughts on “left dry (and unworldly)

  1. I well remember how dry Australia was 30 years ago when we drove the whole way round.26,000 kilometers. Central Australia had no surface water the places we went to. None. In the west the camper parks would toss you out if you were seen to be running water. Even in the north, in the washroom, no one ran water while washing their teeth. And Australia exports water to China??? In Canada we have an abundance of water and we give it for free to Nestle to bottle and take it away. Other lakes and rivers are being polluted. Water is the gold of the future. Maybe the gold of today!!

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  2. Frank it is shocking to think your water is being sold to China with your desperate need for it for firefighting. Anne, here in Michigan a northern county fought Nestle to keep them from sucking water for virtually free. How can we stop this madness?

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  3. Further proof – if any were still needed – how for many politicians it’s all about money and/or power. And to hell with the electorate.

    On another note, although I’ve been largely hiding from Social Media for a couple of weeks, and don’t intend to be on it too much for another couple, I’ve finished and much enjoyed Walk Away Silver Heart, and will post my review in a few days.

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  4. Reblogged this on Once Upon a Time…. and commented:
    This stunningly beautiful poem portrays the one source that humans and all living things can not survive without – water, and in such a way, that it brings the truth to the surface of all our fears.


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