Walk Away Silver Heart – paperback listing

I’m delighted that the paperback edition of Walk Away Silver Heart has just been listed with the online retailers.

I am enjoying assembling the books for this trilogy of collections so very much. It is a joy, though very demanding.

Don’t forget, the e-book is on pre0-order for delivery on Valentine’s Day – 14th February 2020.

The paperback will be released a month later on 14th March, 2020 (though I hope to have a copy in my hands on this coming Monday or Tuesday!).

If you do get a copy for yourself – Kindle version or paperback – don’t forget to let me have your comments. I improve as a writer through the feedback I receive.


6 thoughts on “Walk Away Silver Heart – paperback listing

    • I am really very excited re this trilogy, Liz. I’m pleased with content and all I’ve learnt to date, but I am already looking at the possibility of creating a ‘box set’ in ebook, paperback and perhaps hardback. Not because I think it will sell millions, but the ability and knowledge to achieve these forms will have me dancing.

      I’m feeling a little bit of exhaustion, as well, though. Work has been hard, and the tasks I’ve set myself are wearying as well as exciting.

      The fires are still around and I’m still contemplating them, though less than I was. There has been rain in important areas (not much in my own, but we aren’t quite on fire, either, so that’s ok, except for how badly we need water . . .

      It goes on.

      I’ll see if I can pen a couple of pieces that I scratched as notes to myself in just a sec – to catch up with myself.

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