wishing a star (at four ay-em)

the starsat four ay-emare pinpointsagainst the dark butI crane my neckto watch them a slow driftof stellar cloudsailingthe cosmos indifferentto small livesand wonder buta wish uponisa wish upon no matter the likelihoodofa wish uponbeing noticedor attended and I wishedupon a shooting lightthat flashed byperipherally I turned my wantinto a small requestand nowI hold it close … Continue reading wishing a star (at four ay-em)

the facility #4: unless (for palliation)

it has takena while the old manand his sonhave developed a relationshipthat has certainunspokenrules the old manhas always been competentin areas where the sonhas not skilled work by handsand in general labouringare the old man’s skill set his sense of personal controland competencehas always beenvitalto him the son knowsto to stepacross thresholds break through boundaries … Continue reading the facility #4: unless (for palliation)

a social distancing (of money)

at the hardwarestore at the butchery there is black tapemarking out crosseson the floor they are placed a metreand a halfapart there is a signon the counterto declarethere is only roomfor three peopleat a timein this store responsiblesocial distancingat work at the bankas I steppeda pace forwardtoward the glass the tellermoved backone pace she gestured … Continue reading a social distancing (of money)

fourteen years (out of picture)

there is a weepingon the tv tonight a manclosing downhis lifeof the last fourteen years a businessbuilt from scratch he can’thold it togetheron cameraas he tells his anguishat having to let gohis staff his wonderful staff and swearinga vowto start over againwhen this virusthis disasteris gone day oneofyear oneofanother fourteen I’m sorryhe apologies to viewers … Continue reading fourteen years (out of picture)

an epoch (in a face mask)

not so long agowe used to argueabout womenwho covered up their faceseach time they left the house never showed themselvesin public some saidit shouldn’t be allowed some saidit was the sure signof a terroristhiding withina long skirt thenour summer of burning cameand smokefilled up all our air you couldn’t seea handheld in frontof your face … Continue reading an epoch (in a face mask)

karen’s story (as heard in the welfare line)

I was the last oneto be employed my third jobworking inhospitality but Iwas the first oneto get the call a quietsad wordfrom the manager first to goand nowall three jobsare gone I’ve got no moneybut the mortgageis duetomorrow so far I haven’t had a callto sayit’s likelyto be waived I don’t wantto cry about myselfI’m … Continue reading karen’s story (as heard in the welfare line)

the future (is a child at play)

I was goingto writeabout shutdowns everythingconsidered non-essential but insteadas I contemplaterestrictionand the needfor life events long plannedto be cancelledI am distractedby thoughts of the pleasurethat can comewith company of how small childrenrepresent something unbridled life and joyeven amidst incidentaltears I was watchingtodaya young boya small girlat play surrounded by adultswho had moved mountainsto createa happy … Continue reading the future (is a child at play)

defiance (and survival)

it wasunacceptable thatis what the politicianssaid thousands of peoplegatheredin defianceon bondi beachand failing to exercisesocial distancing the priceof disobedienceto edictand official requestis the closureof beaches ~ it was unacceptable that’s whatthe beach loverssaid they can’t stop peoplefrom livinglike people they can’t be allowedto impose fearby decree the over-reactionis outrageous andjust whodo they thinkthey areto close … Continue reading defiance (and survival)

trust (judgement)

there comes a pointI supposein every crisis where the namesof the leadersmatter the nation’s leaders the world’s leader the names and identitiesroll through the mindin a wondering wayduring the dark hoursof the middleof the night the names thatin these blackest hoursof our timeswe need to trust implicitlyand completelyto know what to do we need to … Continue reading trust (judgement)

the book fair is not described (in any text)

the book fairisn’t happeningthis year I was therelast yearmanning a stall fifteen thousand peoplecamesome bought a year’s supplyof reading thirteen booksin one hit wow butthe book fairin that little townis not happening crowdsmore than one hundredare banned and a lady saidwe’re closing downthe whole townis about to die the new illnessesare depressionand despair the main … Continue reading the book fair is not described (in any text)