Goodreads feature – Small poems, big stories

I've just posted #4 of my offerings for the Goodreads feature. Today's is focusing on Seventeen Syllable work. Shorts pieces that tell a bigger story. I've chosen a set of 5 poems to imaginatively illustrate the life of a working girl in the 1800's, as hinted at via an archeological dig. I enjoyed revisiting this … Continue reading Goodreads feature – Small poems, big stories

little fish (exits)

I'm always excited to begin a new writing project - no title as yet. I will post from it here, from time to time, I think, but not the entirety. If it proceeds as I hope, it'll be a biggun. little fish (exits)- taken from a new WIP how did we comeherelike the peopleof abraham … Continue reading little fish (exits)

for me (waiting)

and I find myselfdrawnto contemplation expressedthrough the inkreleased to flowby a pen blackonto whitepaper what do Iknow I don’t know whatdo I think I’m not sure but my handmy fingersgrasp in practiced movementsmake a mark I watch the thoughtuncurl straighten outin letterby letter watch it growand follow skulkingone step behind to seewhere it might wander … Continue reading for me (waiting)

rising (in the sun-gold of winter)

the road outsideis alivenowto monday a car throbsroar racesthen throbs again as I open my eyessun-gold sievesthrough lashesthat don’t wantto partandI burrow inagaindeeply a little more a little longer all I askisa while voices fill the spaceparallelto my window they rise and rotatelike a flockof wheeling birds I’ve seen themin picturescavortingacross the sky rises and … Continue reading rising (in the sun-gold of winter)

west of north: I (arrow)

in my mindthe stars runwest of north scatteredyetaligned I see themas an arrowpointing me the universe andI can fly ~ there is lightwaitingat the endof all dark spaces a destinationif we knowor ifwe just travel endis endandthereis thereandI am here relatively speaking Iam all of those ~ beyond the starsare there yet morestars at what … Continue reading west of north: I (arrow)

The power of words (and wonderful Writing Retreats)

Where in the World? Right now, I am attending the 2020 Rainforest Writers Retreat in the Lamington National Park in Queensland, on Reilly's Plateau . . . Not quite, but yes quite. This year's Retreat had to be cancelled due to The Virus, so the organisers have done a wonderful thing and turned it into … Continue reading The power of words (and wonderful Writing Retreats)

riffing (on a greyhound): #7/7

coolangatta a glanceback along the roadis like gazingdown a hill all the wayis south the last border crosseda daybehind hard to believeit is realfrom this perspective with creasesin my shirt creases in my jeans creasesin my face and the sunthe only thingupto greet arrival palm trees on the kerbareoverrated and the lawnheld together by sandis … Continue reading riffing (on a greyhound): #7/7

riffing (on a greyhound): #6/7

tattoo and tap the ferocity of windbuffetingas a tankerpumps by as suddenand as starkas earthon the move the passengerssway as one bodyto the rightwhile the busshifts left thenback again a greyhoundchorusline I tapand twirl a caneand a hat stampingdownmy own percussion another double trailer another stormof wind my heada tattooagainst the window pane ~

riffing (on a greyhound): #5/7

in silhouette (dance) swingdown the corridorbetween seatson either side close your eyesraise your armsand sway a silhouettebeneath the spotsmade by truck lights passing southbound danceon a stagejusthalf a metrewide another truck another set of headlightsplay the aisleis emptyas it always was you were never there a whisper beside mesaysto go on sleeping a brush as … Continue reading riffing (on a greyhound): #5/7

riffing (on a greyhound): #4/7

vision (vehement) the side of the roadis a mirrorfrom the rain in the ripplespin starsare dancing the motionand the driftseem to callmy name I lose myselfin the pinwheelsfalling until the splashof a tyrethrough a puddlewipes me clean I look up a painted glowon the ceiling the vision is gonewithyesterdayand tomorrowchained with it there is onlynowrolling … Continue reading riffing (on a greyhound): #4/7