to this

she asked did you writesomethingabout it I believe it's high timethatsomebody did don’t worryif it ends upas angry words don’t be concernedyou might putsomebody offfrom reading your writing there are many of us there are moreof usworried many wonderingwhatis going to happen now to usto our placeto the wholeof the only worldwe know and nobody … Continue reading to this

drowning (in lessons)

there is a cycloneapproaching queensland rolling onup theretoward new south wales burningfrom September drowningin february can he catcha breath can anymananywomanplease pleasecatch a breath please there are lessonsbeing taughtI know lessons being learnedmaybe(that’s less certain)buthow can I anybody take it inwhenthere is a cyclonenowfollowing onfrom last week’s deluge and a chancethat eventhe best of lessonsmight … Continue reading drowning (in lessons)

la la (just listen)

I will not saythat I dancednaked butwhen the soundof fattened raindropsfallingfiltered through my mindto wake me at firstI lay as stillas thoughI was ina coma thenI quickly roseand walkedin darknessthrough the house to the back doorandthe outside I stoodfor awhile drew breathfiltered cleanby the falling rain la la lala listen just listen the soundof falling … Continue reading la la (just listen)

permafrost rising (at three o’clock)

do you wakein the nightwonderingif the climateis stillin place orif you might risein the morningto fire maybe tojust the smokeof something you knewnow burned or the tasteof ashblown herefrom a hundred milesaway so very farawayso close like the climatein the nightshining outso brightlyon social media where you may learnthatthe permafrostis gone all the gasesin siberiaare … Continue reading permafrost rising (at three o’clock)

a small one weeping (near diffey road)

it was onlya small one a black flameon the map a symbol beside itto indicateresponding just a small oneon diffey roadbutenoughto colour the moon we stoodand staredas the bleeding thingcrept outfrom behinda cloud a reflectionfrom up aboveof ourdown below and as the windswept byshrilland filledwith howling I thought I heardfrom somewherenot farfrom diffey roadthe soundof … Continue reading a small one weeping (near diffey road)

left dry (and unworldly)

how will we drinkthe dust can you tell me we are burningfrom abovedrainingfrom below there’ll be nothing leftsoonbut the holeswhere we minedand the cracksin the earththat were once held togetherby water and still it’s notenough we have to takeanother barrel out send itall the wayto china like takingyour own heartand selling itto the highest bidder … Continue reading left dry (and unworldly)

lies spoken softly (in centigrade)

twenty ninecentigrade who wouldbelieve it eighty four in fahrenheit that’s as lowas it goes as lowas it went it was a hot nightin my townlast night I should notcomplain at leastwe could breathethe air I keptimaginingin the half-dozethat was the bestthat I coulddo kept imagininglittle patter-dropsof rain but I thinkit was the tin roofon the … Continue reading lies spoken softly (in centigrade)

the edge is a bruise (from space)

looking downfrom spacewhere the satellitesreside it seemsjust a bruise greyin the sky blackon the ground redstill redaround too manyedges butit is notlike a bruise when it growsandit grows not like a bruisethe wayit keeps spreading orwhen a hot daybringsa hotter wind andyou are standing too closebecauseit comes for you too fast I guessthat might bethe … Continue reading the edge is a bruise (from space)

howl (and cry)

a shrouded moononlya sliverof itself low downin the western sky the veil she wearsto meseems mourning for how how can it bethatwhen someone . . . something so close to youhas dies a daystill riseswith the sun and forgets the moonand her sliver cloakof shrouding forgetsthe nightentire something elsecomessomething elseneeds somethingtakes the placelike a strangerseated … Continue reading howl (and cry)