the argument for noosa

Poem #26 from The Book of Evenings

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He pointed a finger.
I think you forget,
he said,
where you came from.
Where you’ve been.

I think you’ve forgotten
what you were,
and what made you.

I don’t forget.
He spoke to her face,
directly to her eyes.
I remember,
every dreary day
and every dirty moment.

I remember you.

I’ll always remember who
you were,
and know what you are now.

Don’t think you can forget, just because
you’re in a different place.
Have a care how you go.

He looked at her another long moment,
and walked down the pavement,
to the corner
where the traffic light changed

from Don’t Walk to Walk
without need for him to break his
crooked stride.

She watched until the white
of his back
had shrunk and faded
with the distance
and the night,
shuddered once,
then contemplated a long season
in Noosa.

© Frank Prem 2003

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