one form of ‘good morning’

the traffic flows
down Mellish Street
like water
towards a drain

trucks roll by
with gravel
in their voices

the pre-dawn dark
wraps a cocoon
of threads and sounds
around me
inside the lullaby
of diesel
in deep bass notes
that touch comfort
through my sheets
into my chest
in small echoes
and the vibrations
of stir
and waking

the brakes
a hiss and clang
that speaks

good morning

wake a shudder
finally aware of magpies
in the trees
that line the street
and the lessening of dark
that is the sun

© Frank Prem, 2017

April 2017 Poem #02: of the second breeze

6 thoughts on “one form of ‘good morning’

    • We have quite a lot of them on and around our place here. A man a couple of doors up feeds them regularly and so they’re always in the vicinity wondering if there will be any largesse coming their way. Lovely singers.

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