Ten Signs of Life


I can wait
until I see you
until you’re here
I can fill the time it takes
with easy memories

I can wait
but so impatiently

Flower Jug

flowers are filling a water jug
on the crowded table
that usually overflows
with mail and papers

I’m being forced
to make changes
and reconsider priorities

tomorrow I may buy a vase


your guitar
is leaning on my sofa
it sounded to your strumming yesterday

I could pick it up
and run my fingers through the strings
to make a sound
but it needs your touch to make it play

Communal Earrings

with one
in your ear
and one that I rescued
lying here on the palm of my hand
these earrings
are acquiring communal properties

Elemental Air

it seems odd
that I’ve always believed
the air
to be an elemental thing
containing the perfect combination
of gases and particles
to sustain a life
yet sharing your breath
appears to add so much value

New Sounds

this room has witnessed cheerful moments
and sadness staring at its walls

there have been tears sometimes
and there is trace evidence
of melancholy emptiness

I can’t recall the last time
it was so startled
by the sounds
of giggling laughter

Rule Breaking

this sounds strange and foolish
but looking forward to seeing you
is breaking a personal rule

that alone is enough to keep me
lying awake at nights


I seem to find similarities
to the features of your face
in greater or lesser part
in the faces of women
that I pass on the streets
in your absence

it improves their beauty

Snug Confusion

I’m so reminded
of the days when my children were small
tucked snugly and tightly wrapped
inside their bedding
with just a glimpse of face peeping
for a kiss goodnight

sharing my bed with you
is a warm confusion

Basis for Goodbye

it grows wearisome
to be forever establishing a basis
for saying goodbye
from the point
of first hello

despite the fears
and the weaknesses
I despise in myself
it would be nice

just one time
to stay

© Frank Prem, 2000

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