way poem #16: open to new

it’s a new world
every time
I open my eyes

because I
had a new thought
looked in a new place
surprised by an idea
I noticed the dust swirl
under the sunlight
was profounded
by my joy

it’s a new world
every time my eyes close

because I see the pattern
of the lamp’s light
play across my eyelid
watch as all the dark spots

drift away in an idea-
boat on a thought sea
the pulse and pulse
of my blood flow
feel my heart rate rise
when I think of you
and me
in a wide new world

it’s a brand brand
brand new world
every thing that I see
every time that I think
every blink when I close my
eyes are open
to new worlds

© Frank Prem, 2016

Poem #8: way poem #17: boat to the island


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