red you are my purple you are weather topography geometry a pattern in the cosmos perhaps confectionery a map into the purple dark or stepping stones from white to white and corrugations an overlay of corrugations redandwhiteandpurple oh my sweet cabb- age I think I am enamored of your subtle hues © Frank Prem, 2017 … Continue reading en-hues-ed

last one

today is the last day of November it’s a hot one I can’t wait can’t wait to get myself to the pub and buy a beer to buy another I don’t drink so often that it ever gets old but today is the last day I’ve been toiling today since way before the sun got warm … Continue reading last one

the last annual show

wandering around the annual show I see the same names winning every prize in the bonsai the succulents the red roses in the preserved fruits in the handcrafts and fancy stitching Neil says sure you can take my picture because I’ve won half the show with exhibits of my own I’m everywhere but this could … Continue reading the last annual show

my a*** belongs to the government

I’m not in any way a paranoid no I’m not but I believe the government is after my arse ~ the day that I turned fifty (somethingsomething) it was quite a long time ago the government sent me a letter signed with love send us a little specimen they asked collect it on the spoon … Continue reading my a*** belongs to the government

a casual meeting with the banjo frog

well hello mister pobblebonk it’s long-time-no-see my friend fancy finding you just here where I am working with my shovel with my fork with a heavy hammer in my hand but do not be concerned I see you there and all is well tell me have you just woken up from a long sleep winter … Continue reading a casual meeting with the banjo frog

job of the day

yesterday the task was rain to fall hard enough to rattle iron from staccato tapping becoming solid until it filled the air with sound inspiring the magpie to become chortling accompanist ~ today the task is golden light glowing in the green of trees blueing the above until it feels like home and it is … Continue reading job of the day

with ghosts

I went to sleep with ghosts last night some dead some still living conundra whispered softly the why and what of long ago anew as though right now again again in my mind they whirl around spinning dervish-like memories spreading wise as skirts mid-spin fling them one another all the rest away that I might … Continue reading with ghosts

tarn-tarn OOF! – a rain dance

tarn-tarn-ta-ta-ta-tarn-tarn OOF! OOF! tarn-tarn-ta-ta-ta-tarn-tarn OOF! OOF! I am stamping around the kitchen to a little I don’t know maybe classical beat ta-ta ta-tarn-tarn OOF! OOF! I don’t usually do this at least not always OOF! OOF it’s just that there’s this tiny wee drop of constipated rain that’s attempting to fall and I’m trying to … Continue reading tarn-tarn OOF! – a rain dance