pink throb latte

the noise never quite succeeds here
in fading to background white
it is shaded by the pink and throb of night club
not the mannered brown
of café

this is Chadstone
two hundred and thirty two retail outlets*
and a myriad hustling bodies
almost blinding in a random agitation of movement
it is here I have come
for a daily paper-and-coffee indulgence
dependent for success
on a dominance of the white over the pink

the food-court is in session
broad enough for perspective to play a role
in shrinking size if not numbers
as the eye scans to the distant edge
of the twitching tables that lie
between my bubble of hubbub
and the perimeter markings of
Indian take-away (roti wrap curries)
gourmet carvery
steakhouse grill and home-made ice-creamery

the mass at rest before me crawls
seething in an incessant irritation
seated or upright
afoot or undulating in the dis-coordinated breeze
that drives this shop-town community
each table grouping a micro-climate of independence
working for the common purpose
of a retail hive
humming pallid
against the throb-pink
of latte and morning papers
that never quite recedes to background white

© Frank Prem, 2002

  • Now Five hundred and thirty, I believe. Bigger is better.

3 thoughts on “pink throb latte

  1. First of all…I will not be ordering a latte! Nothing to do with coffee for me! The mall sounds quite fun and loud since I like to wander around looking at different stores..and people watching! I clicked on the link, so now I know all about Chadstone!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t like malls much – very wearying – but for someone like me they can be a fascination that’s hard to resist for short times. Chadstone is an especially soulless place. But interesting.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I suppose that you would need to have one of those awful lattes before walking around Chadstone…to pump up your mood! Observing people at a mall is the draw for me…besides I sort to like to window shop! If Chadstone is soulless…then I suppose you have to add the soul! You know…you two can break out a dance move or two in the middle of the mall!

        Liked by 1 person

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