a departure by the boy child

there was talk again
of el niño coming to an end

like the end of a season
or an equinox

how will we know
I wonder
when it has occurred

will a wet begin

it’s late
and I should be asleep
but I’m up and thinking
about the boy child

the wind is sounding
and in the west
the quarter from which
we get our weather

they have had hail
and lightning

deluge rain

he is leaving already


© Frank Prem, 2006

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3 thoughts on “a departure by the boy child

  1. If this spring is anything to go by, the boy child has definitely been kicked out by La Nina. I’m not complaining as I’d rather have rain than drought, but I keep waiting for a kindly La Mama to usher in some average weather, and she don’t a-come. :/

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