mysterious woman (and duck)

she’s a bit of a mystery woman
lives two doors up
behind a high brick wall
that’s a little out of the usual
on our avenue

an ageing blonde
with slavic black brows
and a painful limp

speaks italian

friendly enough to me
and to the lesbian girls next door
and to old frank over the road
but keeps herself to herself
behind that high fence
attractive in a reserved
‘don’t get too close’ kind of way

none of which explains
the flash of brown
with teal at the outstretched tips
that announced itself
with a kind of braying honk!
seconds before I saw it pass
sideways on and at a rate of knots
along the piece of road
visible from my driveway

I can tell you that it landed
and I saw it give a shake
that started at beak and ended
in an ecstasy of waggled tail
before it sauntered under the gateway
and disappeared into the woman’s yard

she’s a mysterious woman that mira

but curiously attractive

© Frank Prem, 2001


6 thoughts on “mysterious woman (and duck)

  1. Hmmmm–I think I’m going to have to read this again. I think I missed something the first time through. Your poetry grabs my mind, Frank. Makes me want to figure out what you’re thinking 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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