rocket seeds and a helpful drip

you’re picking seed-balls
out of lettuce
coloured in oranges
and browns

and we take a moment
to marvel
at nature

this is the first season
of our garden

its only modest
every night
there’s an offering
with dinner
and now the roquette
has gone to seed

we walked
this morning
to the river

brought back home
a bucket filled with sand

propagation is proceeding

seeds to seedlings
then to plants

I keep fiddling with the water system
it’s a small responsibility
but one that aches in me
an urgent
obsessive pain

plastic fittings
don’t seem to work right

this time it’s a burred
bent thread

last time it was clearly
more my thinking

but this is a drought
you know
and the water needs to drip
exactly as required

we don’t want to waste
any wandering drop
and otherwise
I don’t suppose
I would do anything
at all

you look so
of the earth
in dirt
and dust
and smudges

I want to claim
at least
a modest contribution
to stay a part
of the adventure

© Frank Prem, 2006

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5 thoughts on “rocket seeds and a helpful drip

  1. I enjoyed this poem, Frank! I’m inspired to write some gardening poems; gardening is such a good learning experience (read: satisfying, frustrating, continually “new”). Thanks for the poem, best wishes.

    Liked by 1 person

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