And So To Work

the sun of morning east
casts tower shadows to drape Collins Street
in filter light across the backs
of scurry workers on pilgrimage
to their place of crusts and earnings
and the rituals of grinding
for another day

the tedium of noise and hurry again wakes
edifice and asphalt from slumber
with the metal grind and squeal of tram wheels
making right hand turns one minute late
according to the schedule posted
on the standing pillow of a potential passenger
too early from his bed
but still on time to meet the office
for a cup of coffee to arouse
admiration from the forty fourth floor

at the privilege of a view upon the south east
green of parks and suburban trees
flowing from the distant hills of the Dandenongs
along the wavering line of the muddy Yarra
passing beneath the oars of ‘eights’
and bridges of determined traffic
glinting brightly at the green and empty courts
of the tennis centre
and the nine tracks of electric rail
bound inwards
to end finally in the shadows cast
beside a neighboring tower
across the edge of Spring and Collins Streets
in the sun of morning east

and so to work

© Frank Prem, 2000


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