lagoon #16

such a difference
in just a short time

it is hard to recognise the lagoon

the ground covered by water
has receded

it is larger than a puddle
and has some time left
but it has been ravaged

around the edges
a darker colour
where the ground is moist

a little wider
the green of in-between pond grass
of some kind
thriving on the borderline
between dry and wet

wider still
the colour has been leached
from the grass
that was at the in-between point
when water levels
were higher

when I first looked down
on this water
two fallen trees
were mostly submerged
heron and ducks perched
at the base end of the trunks
above the water

I can study the entirety
of the trees

there is little concealed
below waterline

this sad phenomenon
is a fascination

© Frank Prem, 2006

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