driven bunny-anas

the rabbits are driving me crazy

these are not bugs the bunny
they are bugs – the pest

there are three of them
marauding our street
feral leftovers from a previous resident
who no longer wished for the companionship
of two brown and beige fools
and one sharp black conniver

each morning at sun-up
the fools are in my garden
digging random holes
and undermining the brassicas

while the conniver keeps watch
at a distance

my well aimed clod of earth
produces only puzzlement
a flung stone
nothing more than a twitch

they hop away only when approached
with intent
and then just out of immediate reach
although they show a startling turn of speed
when investigated by the dog

time was
I’d set a trap
maybe use the rifle
but what was obvious then
is cruelty now
and the only recourse
a scream of frustration
and pointless pursuit through new-dug loam
until my good work-shoes are encrusted
and my blood pressure
is threatening

these rabbits

these wretched wretched rabbits
are driving me

© Frank Prem, 2009



2 thoughts on “driven bunny-anas

  1. Ha! 🙂 I hope your apple crates are keeping them at bay, surely they don’t get up into those..? In the past I’ve also had success with a chook wire fence dug into the ground in an L shape if you get my drift; I’m not sure if it was the fence that worked or the presence of my dog (even though she was often fenced in our yard away from the chook wire-fenced vegie patch).

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