here and there it’s done

I’m laying down the kylie
on his bed
turning back the sheets
my man is managing himself
in the shower

I record his observations
temperature and pulse
cup the pills for another medication round
routine morning in the ward

I’m standing in the broad beans
tying eggplants straight and tall
grubbing new potatoes
with my hands

when’s it going to rain again
feel how warm the soil
put a pumpkin seed in the ground
beneath the compost mound right there

he’s back beneath the sheets
had the shower now it’s time
to change the dressing on his arm

old folk’s skin seems to tear
at just a passing look
careful careful now
he’s paper frail

there’s just one cauliflower left
from winter
time to take it out

I’ll turn the whole bed over
ready to start again
a couple of shovels more
and it’s done

help him to turn over again
and we’re done

© Frank Prem, 2009

Daily Prompt: Frail


17 thoughts on “here and there it’s done

    • Thanks Ali. I’m always struck by the capacity to split what is actually happening, perhaps unpleasently, with where the heart really lies at a given moment.

      Something like that, anyway, LOL.




  1. Trying to find a definition for “kylie” on the internet, but it is just page after page of Kylie Jenner. I’m guessing it is a rubber or plastic sheet? Lovely poem, but wondering about that word distracted a bit.

    Liked by 1 person

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