meteorology – a love story of melbourne

cool today
you ruffle through my hair
just yesterday you were the fire
I had to hide from
but you have changed

I wonder often about you and me
the mercurial
the reactive
I never make the running
but shy away
to watch you
through all our day-by-days
and try to keep a balance

when you are warm
you build me up
you lead me higher
near to the planes of vertigo
and atmospheric tastes
that enervate my senses

but then you keep rising
seemingly insatiable
you steal my breath
until I gasp in desperation
until I have to hide
inside myself
and wait you back
down and cooler
or some other day

I find you unpredictable
from burn to ice
and cold
in an instant
I am confused to know
how best to bear
the chill you might blow over me

I place myself outside your reach
concealed in artificial control
until I feel you smile
so intimate I have to come again
into your close embrace
let you hold me near
be comforted

some days you shine
a glory
wash your warm all over me
then you are most beautiful
I name you
my desiree
my journey

I travel you
through every day
by day
from storm to storm

© Frank Prem, 2008

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