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I can’t dance the tango
I am strictly still a watching man
who cannot dance to Latin
but I saw that guy wiggle his behind
in a fancy little shuffle
while his girl almost popped out…

why is she hanging upside down?

I swear she really almost popped out…

but did you see the way her leg flicked
right up among his articles
I didn’t know to tango
was to put your jewels at risk
and now she’s wrapped herself around him
how can a woman twist about like that
something in what she’s doing
seems to make me sweat

what about those other two
mincing up and down and eye to eye
this isn’t just a tango it is watching at a flame
lick every burning touch made by
a restless pair of roaming hands
and can you see the way
she seems to climb him
from the ground up




until he’s holding her
nose to nose
she’s right there in his face


I can’t dance the tango
I am strictly still a watching man
and if I’m ever going to tango
I think I better make a booking
for some lessons

© Frank Prem (writing as Frank Faust) 2000, 2016

2001, 2016

One thought on “tango

  1. This made me laugh, and like you, I fear I shall never dance the tango! But it’s great fun to watch – a couple of years ago we saw people dancing this in Paris. There are a couple of places by the Seine where people go to dance in the evenings – looked fantastic.

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