maketh the man

You might like to listen to Frank read maketh the man  on SoundCloud as you read the poem here. Worth the effort.

she drew her hands from the pool
squeezed and shaped the mud
sang a murmur while patting the form

la la la-la-la la la

and moulded a small man-figure
that she sat down beside her

she gave him a mouth
and two eyes
then breathed on him once

breathed again

la la la-la-la la la

it was no surprise at all
when he moved his arms
clambered up to stand wobbling
on the legs she’d made
especially for him

the first word that he spoke
was her name


and that was the song they sang together


when the call rang out for supper
she put him down
back in the water he came from

she would return later
to squeeze and shape the mud
and breathe him into life


la la


© Frank Prem 2010

Another piece taken from an unpublished mythologically inspired series of poems arising from repeat exposures to the work of the late Joseph Campbell, this piece has been recorded in spoken word format, with my wife Leanne Murphy providing musical accompaniment, recording expertise and final polish.


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