lygon street

lygon street is alive tonight
it’s only a thursday
but there are bodies everywhere
looking for a feed in the evening
I can’t avoid a spruiker standing outside
with his best moustache and a menu
twitching at a chance to tempt me in
with a free red wine and something special
but I’m just walking now
taking in the scene and the people
scattered everywhere on a cold night
in the middle of july

every restaurant is tables and chairs
under a sidewalk-spread of umbrellas
embracing the buzz of a round of chatter
and the cosy hiss of portable gas heating
it almost makes me want to sit and place an order
from the italian lebanese indian malay place
that I’m passing now on this smorgasbord
street of multi-cultural cuisine
but I’m only sucking up the sounds
and taking in the scent
and wandering at my ease
once more up and down

lygon street

© Frank Prem (writing as Frank Faust) 2000, 2016

Published in the UK in Aabye’s Baby 34, way back.

7 thoughts on “lygon street

  1. Hi Ngobesing.

    Thank you. Lygon Street is one of the dynamic and interesting streets in Melbourne. It was nice to write something that touches on the feeling of the place.

    I’m delighted you enjoyed the piece.




  2. You have captured it very well. I used to live there, and now I’m feeling all nostalgic about “the cosy hiss of portable gas heating”… it was so cosy and warm to walk down Lygon when everywhere else is closed and dark (and cold).

    Liked by 1 person

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