Sheep On The Somme – Australia’s turn

I’m busily converting one of my books into an ebook, today – nearly done, thank goodness – and checking links to make sur ethey are live and accurate.

I was pretty amazed to find the Amazon Australia link showing an extraordinary price – The Hardcover edition at around A$15.18, while th epaperback is showing north of $50.00 for a copy.

Can I suggest that this book would make a great gift for many a possible family member – I’m thinking od Christmas, just after lunch . . .

Regardless, at this price it would be cheaper for me to buy from Amazon than to get fresh stock from the printer, so it’s a fair dinkum bargain. Grab a copy or two while the opportunity is here!

The link is below.

Sheep On The Somme – Amazon Australia link – 07/08/2022


14 thoughts on “Sheep On The Somme – Australia’s turn

    • This one is too hard to make into an ebook, Michael. I don’t have the skills, or it is just too complicated with pictures embedded. Giveaway price, though. It was cheap in the US at one point, now in Australia. Maybe all markets will get the big discount at some point.


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