Preparing presentations! Events move quickly.

When I last wrote, I think I was updating progress toward getting a Jazz Baby book together so that I could make some progress on a presentation. A bit of a whinge about how hard it all was, I think. I'm well pleased today, however. As things stand, a book 'Ida: Searching for The Jazz … Continue reading Preparing presentations! Events move quickly.

Amazon and those book prices

I wrote a little while back about my surprise to see the Hardcover edition of Sheep On The Somme selling for about $15.00 in the Australian market. It is still around that price - $15.00 for a near 400 page hardcover book is below cost and above amazing, IMO,at least. Today I noticed that some … Continue reading Amazon and those book prices

Sheep On The Somme – Australia’s turn

I'm busily converting one of my books into an ebook, today - nearly done, thank goodness - and checking links to make sur ethey are live and accurate. I was pretty amazed to find the Amazon Australia link showing an extraordinary price - The Hardcover edition at around A$15.18, while th epaperback is showing north … Continue reading Sheep On The Somme – Australia’s turn

Progress in my Ukraine poetry and picture poetry collections and endeavours

It's been a little nuts around Frank-ville, working intensely on a number of different book projects at the same time, so it comes as a great relief to reach a point where there is something tangible to see for the effort. I'm at the stage where I have more or less completed work on the … Continue reading Progress in my Ukraine poetry and picture poetry collections and endeavours

Doing what I oughtn’t. Revisiting my Ukraine poems.

I'm panicking a little about assignment work for my graphics course - some things I'm struggling to get my head around. So/ What should I do in these circumstances? Why, lay out a picture book, of course . . . I haven't been able to resist working on my Ukraine pictures and poems series, for … Continue reading Doing what I oughtn’t. Revisiting my Ukraine poems.

The Truth of Time – live on SpillWords

I mentioned yesterday that my poem - The Truth of Time - was to be published on the SpillWords ( site. I'm delighted to share the link to the poem, which is now live. I won't say more about the poem - which I've discussed here before - other than that it is accompanied by … Continue reading The Truth of Time – live on SpillWords

not devastation (only canberra)

The construction site by night - 24/04/2022 tonight –on another planeof existence inanother world –a manchecks into an apartment a b&bin canberraaustralia it isa lovely place out he windowand acrossthe road . . . a construction site new apartmentsgoing upbutthe siteis a bitof a tidy mess equipment stashed neatly enoughbuteverywhere materialsand machinery from six floors … Continue reading not devastation (only canberra)

lucky (are you)

April 11: Residents stand atop a Russian tank damaged in fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces in the outskirts of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Evgeniy Maloletka/AP look at me lookat me stare downthis are you feelinglucky are youreallyfeeling lucky ~ Week 7: Grace Widyatmadja, Marco Storel, ‘Photos: 10 million displaced as eastern Ukraine braces for … Continue reading lucky (are you)

how we live (the staff of life)

April 7: A boy holds a loaf of bread he received as part of humanitarian aid being handed out in front of a school in Chernihiv, in northern Ukraine. Evgeniy Maloletka/AP send the childrenoutfor bread let them feelthe goodof food to knowwhat it meansto hold a loafwithinyour hands thisis lifefor us thisis how we knowthat we … Continue reading how we live (the staff of life)

no bridge (no crossing over)

March 30: A Ukrainian soldier patrols near a bridge destroyed by the Russian army in the town of Rogan, east of Kharkiv. Fadel Senna/AFP via Getty Images onceupon a bridgeI walked acrossto the otherside nowthere is no way nocrossing over how everwill I travelwhen it is timeto journey on nowthere is no bridgenocrossing over ~ … Continue reading no bridge (no crossing over)