Sunday Book Review – From Volyn to Kherson: Interpretations of the War in Ukraine by Frank Prem #freeverse #poetry

Thank you, D. G. Kaye (Debby) for your wonderful review of the From Volyn to Kherson poetry collection.

It is beyond my comprehension that the conflict continues on such very spurious grounds. ANd worsens, if that is possible.

Thanks so much, Debby – I’m reblogging this to my place, hoping readers will flock across to yours.

My Sunday Book Review is for Frank Prem’s moving new release, freeverse poetry with his interpretation of the war in Ukraine – From Volyn to Kherson. This is a most moving collection of tellings from the vision of Prem based on some of the many articles written about the heinous war in Ukraine.


From Volyn To Kherson, tells the stories of hardship and suffering and bewilderment experienced by the people of Ukraine in the early weeks of the 2022 Russian invasion and war.

The collection draws on news reports and social media postings during the most un-curated war the world has ever witnessed, interpreting and translating the raw emotion of this wartime experience.

There is no part of Ukraine that has been left untouched by this war, and no part of the poet left untouched by these stories of the Ukraine.

This book will be part of a series.

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From Volkyn to Kherson – Claire’s Review

Thank you to Claire for a wonderful review of From Volyn to Kherson. I still find myself checking - daily - on the state of the war. Still find myself disturbed, distressed, dismayed and (sometimes) distraught - daily - by what I read. I'm grateful to find in the words of a reviewer that my … Continue reading From Volkyn to Kherson – Claire’s Review

Sunday Book Review – Ida: Searching for the Jazz Baby #freeversepoetry

Thank you D.G Kaye (Debby) for a wonderful review of ‘Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby’.

She was a character who set fire to my imagination and I’m so glad Debby enjoyed her story, as well.

I encourage readers to pop over to read the review and check some of Debby’s writing and other activities, as she is an excellent writer and blogger in her own right.

Welcome to my Sunday Book Review. Today I’m reviewing Frank Prem’s new release – Ida: Searching for the Jazz Baby. In this story of historical fiction written in free verse poetry, Frank touches on the life of Ida Pender, aka Jazz Baby, and her wild lifestyle in the 1920s. Complete with newspaper clippings and stories to accompany.



Who is Ida Pender? Is she the elderly woman – Ida-Spider – rumoured to be resident in a 1970’s Mental Asylum?

Is she Squizzy Taylor’s teenaged gangster moll of the roaring 1920’s in Melbourne? The woman the police declared had shapely legs? She is Ida. The Jazz Baby.

Frank Prem explores the story of Ida Pender, largely forgotten now, but once the notorious associate of a 1920s Melbourne gnagster. From the young girl sneaking out of her bedroom window to go dancing at the Palais de Danse, companion, accomplice, then wife…

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From Volyn to Kherson – pre-order.

A little play around in the Adobe 3d function. I'm interested in the creation of 'different' kinds of book mock-ups, at present (like the Ida Merchandise of a few days ago). The dirty war in Ukraine goes on, delivered to our news feeds and papers and televisions daily. As fiercely fought now as when it … Continue reading From Volyn to Kherson – pre-order.

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