A failure – of sorts

I’ve been working like a fool on projects for my coursework, with some dead ends and fails on the way. I thought I’d share a couple of the abandoned attempts.

The technique – when I get it right – is lovely, but I changed tack with the project and did something else.

What I was aiming to achieve was to insert the word ‘kern’ to become texture within the image, with the original coloration coming through.

Image 1 – autumn oak leaf (brown) 31/05/2022
Image 2 – autumn oak leaf (green) 31/05/2022

The project is to create a full sized poster that has an educational element around a typographical theme, I had intended to create something dealing with the fine art of ‘kerning’, but over-thought the whole thing and made it too complicated. I did a third leaf (red), but something a bit screwty happened to that one.

uUn, fun, fun in graphics design!


18 thoughts on “A failure – of sorts

  1. They’re lovely images, Frank. Like someone else said, I too like the green one. I keep trying to work out how you did it. In Corel I’d get an image and layer paths for the word on a separate layer…and then skew them…I think. What graphics tool are you using?

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