A new Bachelard book. A new project.

Hugely delighted to receive a long awaited book in the mail.

My new Bachelard book by Joanne H. Stroud – 19/05/2022

You might recall that a couple of years back I fell into an infatuation of sorts with the writings of Gaston Bachelard, a French philosopher who died back in 1962. Bachelard was a scientist as well as being a philosopher, and a lover of poetry and poeticas – about which he wrote extensively throughout, but particularly toward the end of his life.

I encountered his work by chance and immediately became entranced within his discussion of the imagination and reverie. And poetry, of course.

Recently I’ve been contemplating how best to honour and reflect the impact this man’s work had on my own writing, and I’m contemplating writing a paper about it. Not academic, but perhaps journal oriented.

We shall see.
To facilitate my endeavours, I’ve ordered two books that discuss the man and his life and philosophy and etc.

Today, the first has arrived – Joanne H. Stroud’s work: Gaston Bachelard – An Elemental Reverie on the World’s Stuff. Joanne Stroud oversaw the translation and publication of a large numer of his books, which now occupy permanent residence on my personal bookshelf.

There is no guarantee that I’ll be able to work with this new material, but I’m very excited to explore the possibilities.


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