More Bachelard in my hands

‘Gaston Bachelard – a philosophy of the surreal’ by Zbigniew Kotowicz (23/05/2022)

The second of my books about Gaston Bachelard arrived today. Very exciting, and leaves me without excuses. I need to make some time to read and to write whatever it is I need to say about the influence this man’s work has had on my own.

Time becomes a precious commodity.

Just as a by-the-by, my learning in the area of vector (line) drawing using Adobe Illustrator has directly led to my being able to conceptualise and (I believe) adequately render a conceptual image that draws together his discussion (as I read and understood it) of time.

It is a complicated and fascinated subject and I’m as pleased as punch to have done something that I find satisfying to represent it. It will probably appear odd to others, but I think it will do the job for me. Probably a cover for the poems that came out of that reading and discussion.

Such a pleasure to get lost in my own sense of creativity.


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