Smashwords Specials!

Smashwords sent me a note today to suggest I might like to offer a pre-sale discount to friends and followers an . . . well. A presale discount anyway.

What’s it all about? I recently listed a number of my books on Smashwords and two of them – A Kiss for the Worthy and Rescue and Redemption had a release date attached to them that was set in the future – mainly because I wasn’t sure I would get the conversions and set-ups right, so I bought myself some revision time.

So. In the next week, both these books will be released and I’ve decided that it does no harm to offer a steep discount on both books. $US0.99c for each book. \

Smashwords assure me that they make available download options in every digital format, so if you’re at all interested, grab yourself a copy in the next couple of days.

If there is any interest, I might discount all of the books on Smashwords, for awhile to let folk grab a copy.

In case you aren’t aware, a little while back I wrote a 3 book series derived from original work written over a hundred years ago by three wonderful poets. The poets and their works were:

. Amy Lowell – Madonna of the Evening Flowers. Using this poem I wrote Walk Away Silver Heart as volume 1 of ‘A Love Poetry Trilogy‘. As an aside, I flirted with Amazon ads for awhile and this particular book was not accepted for an ad on the grounds that it was too erotic (or some similar determination). I was unable to even create an ad because it was so risque. Me! Who’d have thought . . .

. Walt Whitman – Leaves of Grass (Song of Myself). This poem resulted in A Kiss For The Worthy as volume 2 of A Love Poetry Trilogy. It was this Whitman work that made me realise that what I was dealing with was love poetry. Different kinds of love in each case.

. T. S. Eliot – The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. I think I’ve fallen in loive with Eliot myself. Not that I enjoy his poetry, as such, but his phrasing is just so very rich. I am working my way through his The Waste Land, at present, and perhaps will have another, different, trilogy at the end of it.

That’s the context. I’ll let folk who follow me on Facebook, and Twitter and LinkedIn and Instagram know of the opportunity, and if I can manage it, will send a newsletter tomorrow.

If you are keen and let me know, I’ll list the other digital editions at $0.99 for a coule of weeks, as well.

Here are the links for:

A Kiss for the Worthy:

Rescue and Redemption:

If you look to purchase, please let me know your experience. These are new territories for me and I want to make them positive, if possible.

A Kiss For The Worthy cover 25/07/2021
Rescue and Redemption cover 25/07/2021

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    • I know. Who would have thought. It began as a frustration and ended with me being amused and bemused. Helped me decide that paid Amazon ads were probably not going to work for me.

      I don’t have time in my life to work out the strange tendencies of a bunch of bots on the ‘Zon.

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