quick quick (watch them twirl)

A rat crept softly through the vegetation


they are quick


their art
is to turn the story –
the whole
of the virus –
into a thing
that is
for them

to turn the thing
so that it faces

a rival

who will appear
a less

less likeable



to a persuadable . . .

it is a dance

shuffle steps
and minor flourishes

solo twirls

watch them . . .

watch them . . .

see nothing

they are quick
these politicians


14 thoughts on “quick quick (watch them twirl)

  1. Hah — it wasn’t till I went back for a second reading that I noticed the comment about the rat! Having said that, it amazes me that those who would try hardest to win by ‘stealing’ votes have not advocated the better solutions of self protection — and now those same politicians have twisted and turned and are advocating masking and vaccinations at every turn!

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    • There are some lovely ‘feeder’ lines in the waste land project for me to write to, Janet. Many rats to contemplate while writing the piece.

      I’ve noticed the turning of the tide among your politicians in the US, Janet. Suddenly it is traitorous to have not already vax-ed, and ‘you’re on your own, don’t bother us’ seems to be the tone.

      Appalling for people on the public payroll supposedly looking after the public good.

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      • Yes — the rats are definitely looking out for themselves rather than the people who support them. There is a real push to get vaccinations to more people, but still a lot of resistance (there are a fair number of anti-vaxxers in the country anyway, particularly in the poor Southeast, but also a lot of resistance just because of the mixed messages we’ve received over the last year or more). Mistrust has a lot to do with the situation, too — of the government, of science, of “you name it”! I’m a little surprised that the shift has been so sudden, but am happy to see more positive messages from above.

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      • A friend pointed out to me that the right-wing news media are beginning to be sued for their roles in the pandemic and their political positions. Perhaps this is a good part of the sudden switch in attitudes.

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