another day, another rabbit (er . . . pigeon) to pursue . . .

Flock project – sample page #1 26/07/2021

Back awhile (in 2018) I had the good fortune of having two flocks of pigeons grace the sky over and around my home, here in Beechworth. I’m not sure what happened, but around the same time, perhaps 18 months or 2 years ago, they both disappeared.

I believe the flocks were homing pigeons and perhaps used for racing purposes, but either way, they were released for their exercise around the same time each day, most days of the week.

I found myself taking photographs of them as they passed overhead, little specks against the sky and the clouds.

Naturally, I wrote poems as I studied them afterwards.

I’ve not had much in teh way of ideas regarding what to do with the results, or how to present them. Now I’m having another play.

The example page above would be a 6 inchx 9 inch, with only the footer/page number left exposed white. Text is superimposed over the image.

I’m working with the rectangular shape for the moment (rather than 8.5 x 8.5) to see if I can conjure something that will more easily convert to an e-pub format digital book edition. For a digital book, there would be no footer and no page numbers.

Another example, below. My expectation is that a paper edition would be printed in black and white (for cost), while the digital would retain such colour as the image holds.

Comments welcome, of course.

Flock project – sample page #2 26/07/2021

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