a poem (for my mother)

Both my parents passed away in the last year and a half or so. At the moment I'm doing some involving work to clear up parts of their estate, which is requiring me to be at the old house every day, and sell or shift bits and pieces of their lives. It gets very old, … Continue reading a poem (for my mother)

5 at the Mic. Reading at The Carrot Ranch

Carrot Ranch - 5 at the Mic A Spoken Word Event Charlii Mills and The Carrot Ranch are well known in blogging circles for supporting and facilitating writers and writing, by activities on the blog and also via the Carrot Ranchers Facebook Group. One of the Facebook group's initiatives has been to institute 5 at … Continue reading 5 at the Mic. Reading at The Carrot Ranch

March 2018 – a demon in the pen

I'm puddling away with the archives again (and still). Currently I'm soldiering through March 2018, and thought for a rest I'd pop a poem up here. I was given a pen for my 50th birthday. A lovely gift and I use it still - on my bedside table is where it resides, for any and … Continue reading March 2018 – a demon in the pen

A WW 1 Playlist on YouTube

Just a quick update. I think I've gotten the hang of converting audio foiles and attaching images, so have uploaded a couple more videos. I've included: The Glutton poem. One of 3 Mouquet Farm poems - the other two seem a bit grim, even for me to inflict on the unsuspecting. Ivor Margetts and his … Continue reading A WW 1 Playlist on YouTube

A Remembrance Day 2020 poem on YouTube.

***Edit***I've got the hang of uploading these now and have started a playlist of WW 1 poems - 3 there so far. I'll change the link below to go to the playlist. I've managed to upload one of my World War 1 poems to YOuTube. A crude effort, but today is remembrance Day, so why … Continue reading A Remembrance Day 2020 poem on YouTube.

Live Interview. Want to come?

Witty Writers Show pic. I'm delighted to have been invited to join Author Beth Wordsell, for an hour of chat about writing, reading, literature and other things that come to mind over the course of an hour, as part of Beth's Witty Writers Interview Series. Here is where to find out more about Beth. The … Continue reading Live Interview. Want to come?

the old man’s stock take – from the archives

he called ittaking stock sittingin the sun in the shade beneath the veranda awningwhen It rained considering the gardenand the green grass counting the bees white butterflies bugs risingon transparent wingswith the sunshining through a tiny halo of lightaround each the wind at playthrough washinghung to dry and of coursethe swaying of his trees his … Continue reading the old man’s stock take – from the archives

A little more on covers . . .

I posted earlier today about covers and provided an image from the batch of books that I'm currently waiting to receive - most likely next week. Here is that post if you'd like to re-visit that. I'm quite the amateur in regard to covers, with a lot still to master in regard to artistry and … Continue reading A little more on covers . . .

Archive covers

I thought folk might be interested in what I'm doing for covers with the archive group of books/collections. The first group I did - Bachelard Interpreted - I chose a piece of burnt log and then played around with filters and the like to get 8 different cover images out of it. Mixed success, I'd … Continue reading Archive covers