The Witty Writers – interview soon

Just a reminder that I’ll be chatting live on Facebook with Beth Worsdell, for her The Witty Writers interview feature tomorrow morning (my time), but in the evening in other parts of the world.

Beth is a lively and somewhat unpredictable interviewer, originally from the UK, but now based in the US. She positively buzzes with energy from what I’ve seen and I’m not at all sure I’ll keep up!

The link to the event is here, and I believe you’ll be able to work out local time from there:

If you can’t catch it live, but want to tune in later, I think it should be accessible from Beth’s Facebook page, and I’ll likely post a link to it somewhere. If you do happen listen in, I think comments and questions can be posted, just to keep a poor participant on the hop!

I haven’t done many of these gigs live, so who knows how it will play out? We shall find out!

See you there.


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