The latest tranche – 7 more Archives

Archive Books 10 – 16

Deliveries are so very exciting! I delight in anticipating and then receiving little packages of books, and the most recent lot arrived just a minute ago.

A mixed bag, in the covers (again), at first impression. Two what was I thinking! The remaining five, I quite like, and I’ll tell a little about those.

This group of seven represented an attempt on my part to develop a slightly different style and approach. Where I had been deliberately writing as though in conversation, I set out to ‘listen to a new voice’, to change the way that I wrote whatever caught my attention, just a little. The first 2 books in this lot reflect that.

The remaining five were in similar vein, but represented an attempt to sustain my writing over a long timeframe. I had previously written poem-a-day exercises that lasted up to a month, if I could sustain them. I decided to go further.

The project ended up achieving three duration goals – A poem-a-day for a season, then for a year, and finally for a calendar year. All in all, from September of 2016, to December of 2017. Five seasons (with a month extra, thrown in).The covers are below.

Book 12 – Spring 2016

Book 12 uses the image of a local creek (spring).

Book 13 – Summer2016/17

Book 13 features a field (my front lawn, in fact) of Capeweed daisies. A glorious yellow in their true colours.

Book 14 – Autumn 2017

Book 14 is an autumn tree, bereft of leaves.

Book 15 – Winter 2017

Book 15 features frosted leaves that, perhaps, fell from the tree of the previous book.

Book 16 – Spring (plus) 2017

Book 16 is Spring, again, and features a bed of poppies. Glorious in the true colours.

Book 16 – incorporating photographs

It is around this stage in my writing process that I began to get heavily into taking pictures and allowing images to dictate writing, to some extent. So I’ve incorporated the relevant images as greyscale pics, partly because the poems want them, I think, but also to see how, for example, a cloudy sky translates into black and white for a book, how fussy I need to be with images to get an adequate representation of what inspired me, and so on.

What fun.


7 thoughts on “The latest tranche – 7 more Archives

    • It is hard, and I’m feeling concentration fatigue in a big way, but it feels ‘necessary’ to do and to get behind me, so I’ll persist. There will be an end to it soon enough, I reckon.


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