The Cielonaut. A full draft!

Well, this is today’s news. A full draft of The Cielonaut – a cover, an introduction, the body (including greyscale images of the cosmos), and back matter is done.

This always feels like such a big moment, that I want to hold the book in my hands immediately. That won’t happen, though. I’ll hold off and try to steel myself to proof reading the electronic version (it exists now as a pdf document), reconsider the cover and all the elements.

So tedious!

I hope to be able to release this as a paperback in 2021, along with its companion in fantasy, for which I haven’t yet settled on a name. It has had working titles such as: Od Ovo, and Abacus the Stars, but I’m not sure what it will turn out to be, yet.

I’ll share the back story.

In May of 2018, before I had published anything in this current incarnation of mine, I attended a Writers Retreat, (which I’ve mentioned here before). That was a wonderful experience and opened many doors for me. Among other things, an anthology of short stories was to be published (Short Stories of Forest and Fantasy). Stories to include reference to Rainforest and to be in the fantasy genre.

I set to work and was fortunate enough to have my post-apocalyptic poem/story ‘blue dog’ accepted for inclusion.

The process of writing to a genre that I hadn’t explored previously captured me, for a time, and I wrote on. And on.

I ended with a complete collection, written to theme, and exploring forest fantasy, post-apocalypse, space travel and the consequences of war from unusual perspectives.

One of the poems I wrote concerned a certain Cielonaut. His tale beguiled me enough to require further work. Further exploration. His story grew.

Around the same time, I discovered that NASA had made its image library available for dreamers like me to access and use. That set me off on a whole new writing journey which eventually became incorporated in the journey of The Cielonaut.

I confess that I had no idea what I was doing or where it might lead. I was writing because my imagination had become inflamed with a new idea. I have to thank two stalwart supporters for their encouragement in pushing this along to a point where there may be a completion in sight.

My biggest disappointment in this process has been that I haven’t been able to present the wonderful images produced by NASA in the awesome full colour of the originals in their library. The best I can do is grayscale, and provision of links to the original images in the library.

Grayscale Image for the poem: eternity waiting

Andrea Flory (Meeka’s Mind) pushed me to keep going with The Cielonaut, when I thought that I had a handful of mildly interesting poems without much future (much like The Cielonaut, himself).

Cage Dunn, my collaborator in writing and producing Herja, Devastation – another interesting diversion into the realms of fantasy and noir – has prodded and nudged and helped to shape my raw and unformed approach to fantasy writing into some sort of order and coherence, though there is only so much that a reasonable person can do with a chaotic worker like me.

Thank you, both. Whatever may come, your encouragement has been central.


BTW, Just today another of the Rainforest Retreat anthologies has been released. Short Stories of Ghost and Graves.

I’ll write about that another time.


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