the sounds of morning

the competing train
of milk
on the stove

the competing train
of espresso

o-o-woa o
o-o-woa o

the competing sound
of a storm
on the stove-top

the competing grumble
of volcano


it is no competition

no competition at all
it’s only my brew
of the morning

no competition
is just
morning coffee

my morning train

of coffee

o-o-woa o
o-o-woa o

© Frank Prem, 2017

September 2017 Poem #29: offering day

2 thoughts on “the sounds of morning

  1. Too right Derrick. And if I don’t get the grind and the preparations right, I hear about it from my beloved, as well! Roasting day tomorrow – Two batches of different variety beans, cooked over a gas tripod, outside in the breeze, in a whirlygig popcorn maker.

    Not bad fun, really. The smell is pretty amazing.


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