until time passes

I will wait for the time to pass
wisdom it seems
grows slowly


if I stretched my hand
I could touch him
but I would not know
what to do
with the feeling
the sensation

I touched him before once
I did more
held him close
and whispered into his ear
a dream

he grew afraid
was it of me
was it of himself
was it anything at all
or only a moment
that fell . . . . into deep water


if I stretched out my hand
I could touch you
I almost feel
I know my place
beside you
not close
not really so far
only the other side
of the planet

that’s my position
I keep my arms
at my side
stay inside the barriers
I watch you through wires

I am just one
among the massing
of your numbers
until time passes
until enough time

© Frank Prem, 2003

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