offering day

he stands
under a clear blue sky
directly over head

he holds his offering
into the air

a little smoke
then a drifting of blue

he offers
to each direction
one to four

singing a little offering song
beneath his breath

to the spirits
of north and east
west and south

an offering
in the smoke

this is me
I pour my beans
from bowl
into the strainer

a flukey breeze
that turns me
all the way around

to husk the beans
as I pour them
through the air

a little blue smoke
a coffee smell

I offer these
to each direction
as I pursue the breeze

a worship
into the smokey air

I sing
a grateful song
underneath my breath

this is my coffee day

I roast the beans

© Frank Prem, 2017

September 2017 Poem #30: tba

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