on the milky sea

there is a tiny speck of boat
on the calm of a milky sea
that I am warming
to make my coffee

and as the currents start to move
beneath the surface
the little boat up-anchors
and commences to sail

around froth-and-bubble islands
that come and go in unexpected bursts
of white writhing ire
that rises from below

the pleasure cruise is troubled
as waves pitch and toss
up and down and up again
there is strife now brewing overboard

and the seas will rise
as milk seas must
when the fires below
blaze too brightly

I must play the hero

to the rescue is my appointed part
so it’s off the heat
and up the jug
then into the cup I pour

the boat is lost
the resolution was perhaps
too drastic

it may be that I swallowed it
perhaps it was merely downed
but either way no good came
for that speck of boat
a-sail on the milky sea

© Frank Prem, 2011


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