breathing their affection

they badger each other
like terrier dogs
veering between relentless repetition
and half-snarled rejoinders

she’s deaf
he’s been worrying about her

and the noise and fury is a kind of
statement of affection
as we drive home from surgical 2
where the doctor has finally showed up
to sign an official release

and as we leave
it doesn’t take long to ask

what did you say

to say

oh for goodness sake
what are you thinking

to splutter

don’t be daft
that’s just silly

don’t be daft
don’t be daft
it’s me who’s going crazy here
listening to this barrage
of exploding affection

the sooner I get them home
the sooner I can
get myself away to somewhere sane

I can hardly breathe

© Frank Prem, 2009

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