comfort movies

he calls them comfort flicks
video tapes for the VCR
movies made back in the golden days
of contract stars and starlets

sausage factory produced scenarios
for the stars
Mitchum and Taylor and Bogart
Bacall and Hepburn
and Hepburn and Tracey
Wayne and Bronson


romance and adventure
the wild west
and Atticus Finch

sirens and seductions

comfort flicks
predictable and sure

he hires them on Monday for a week
for the nights
when television is a desert
and a wasteland of hours stretches ahead
interminable intolerable

for when the gaps
are too hard to fill
and being alone
is just one reel
too many

© Frank Prem, 2002

3 thoughts on “comfort movies

  1. Wow. Well done. You’ve caught the unique emotional pull of those old movies for sure. I’ve felt like this a few times myself, and I have to admit that when I’m feeling “down,” an old movie — or an old novel — with happy endings, of course — can make all the difference.

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