a contact for astro-man

he’s like an astro-man
at the wireless
sending messages into the sky
waiting for a contact
from far away
places he’s never been
but believes in
with a fervour
like religion

a kind of mania
that drives him every night
even when the sounds
start out with the


that hints there’ll be nothing out there this time
he keeps turning dials
and sending
heart-felt messages

once he thought he had an interaction
with a shooting star
but it passed through his signal range
so quickly
that now he wonders
if it was real

and this time he’s hoping
for a pulsar
that might hear him
and send a signal back
to say hello in static
or thrum a rhythmic beat
that will let him know for sure
he’s not alone

an astro-man
a pedant if you start him up
because he still believes
there’ll be a signal out there one day
tuned in to his frequency

if he only searches hard enough
and patiently
there’ll be a contact
from way out in the great nowhere

someone will hear him

© Frank Prem, 2008


6 thoughts on “a contact for astro-man

  1. As soon as I started reading this the the words to Major Tom by Bowie came drifting into my head …. and the whole piece here was set. I can see this man sitting there, night after night, fiddling, listening, a slip finger adjustment … waiting, BELIEVING … and time passing.

    Love the flavour of this Frank 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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