Small Town Kid – a surprise review

Thank you Joy Neal Kidney for a wonderful review of Small Town Kid. It is so marvelous to find that these little stories of childhood in 1960s and 70s Australia resonate with readers in other countries - the United States, in this case. The price of this book in paperback format has dropped by a … Continue reading Small Town Kid – a surprise review

#BookReview: Small Town Kid

Small Town Kid Cover

I’m extending my thanks and great appreciation today to Liz Gauffreau for her in-depth review and showcasing of my Small Town Kid poetry collection on her Blog.

Liz has included some thoughts from me about how the collection came about and what I hoped to achieve with a memoir in free-verse poetry form.

Along the way I dug up some photographs of the young Frank, and the area of and around Beechworth, where the meoir is set.

I think she has done a wondersul job and I’m delighted to encourage visitors to her Blog to read the review and take a look around.

Thank you, Liz!

Elizabeth Gauffreau

Frank Prem, Spoken Word Poet

My Review

Frank Prem’s memoir in verse, Small Town Kid, opens with a poem titled “I can hardly wait to show you.” This poem is a direct invitation to the reader to “take my hand in the main street / of this town hewn from honey granite / I will tell you what once stood here and there / and you might help me rediscover what I knew / when I was in the springtime of my life.”

This was an invitation that proved itself irresistible. I walked with the speaker through his early childhood, his world defined by his family and their ethnic heritage–to the dawning of civilization for his small town when outhouses were replaced with sewerage lines–to his schoolboy days of hijinks and lessons learned–to his adolescence and young adulthood when he began to realize that “we were just kids / watching…

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Small Town Kid meets Googleplay and GoogleBooks. . .

Continuing my journey of listing titles 'wide', rather than exclusive to Kindle, I've established a beachhead in Googleplay. A bit of a palaver, but I have created my account, and had it accepted, and uploaded a book - Small Town Kid - and had it go live. Woo hoo! I have no idea what real … Continue reading Small Town Kid meets Googleplay and GoogleBooks. . .

Small Town Kid – update

The new listing on Smashwords has gone live now - still in pre-order today, I think. That means Barnes and Noble, Kobo and others now stock the digital edition of the book, for reading on the Nook and other generic devices that aren't Kindle. I decided to revisit the book in an article posted on … Continue reading Small Town Kid – update

Small Town Kid – listing on Smashwords

I find myself pursuing so many imaginry rabbits down so many imaginary rabbit holes, and time evaporates before I have a moment to raise my head and notice. Today I received a notice from the e-book distributor Smashwords to advise me of their pending Summer/Winter sale. I like Smashwords a lot, but as an author, … Continue reading Small Town Kid – listing on Smashwords

Small Town Kid – still ranking well

It's lovely to have Small Town Kid continuing to show up well on the Kindle lists. Thank you to all who have acquired a copy for themselves. For anyone newly visiting this site, the book is a poetry-memoir of growing up in small town Victoria (Australia) in the 1960s and 70s. It is guaranteed to … Continue reading Small Town Kid – still ranking well

Small Town Kid – paperback discount.

Amazon have taken it upon themselves to pop a big discount (A$8.49) on the paperback format of Small Town Kid for their Australian marketplace. This is incredible value for readers and I strongly recommend anyone interested in a memoir of growing up in and around Beechworth (rural Victoria) in the 1960s and 70s to grab … Continue reading Small Town Kid – paperback discount.

Small Town Kid – price drop promotion

I've advertised Small Town Kid in both, the US and UK, via the promotional newsletter of 'The Fussy Librarian'. You might recall I was beside myself a short time ago when Walk Away Silver Heart hit #1 in about 8 Kindle categories and in a couple of different countries. That was a free promotion, also … Continue reading Small Town Kid – price drop promotion