#BookReview: Small Town Kid

Small Town Kid Cover

I’m extending my thanks and great appreciation today to Liz Gauffreau for her in-depth review and showcasing of my Small Town Kid poetry collection on her Blog.

Liz has included some thoughts from me about how the collection came about and what I hoped to achieve with a memoir in free-verse poetry form.

Along the way I dug up some photographs of the young Frank, and the area of and around Beechworth, where the meoir is set.

I think she has done a wondersul job and I’m delighted to encourage visitors to her Blog to read the review and take a look around.

Thank you, Liz!

Elizabeth Gauffreau

Frank Prem, Spoken Word Poet

My Review

Frank Prem’s memoir in verse, Small Town Kid, opens with a poem titled “I can hardly wait to show you.” This poem is a direct invitation to the reader to “take my hand in the main street / of this town hewn from honey granite / I will tell you what once stood here and there / and you might help me rediscover what I knew / when I was in the springtime of my life.”

This was an invitation that proved itself irresistible. I walked with the speaker through his early childhood, his world defined by his family and their ethnic heritage–to the dawning of civilization for his small town when outhouses were replaced with sewerage lines–to his schoolboy days of hijinks and lessons learned–to his adolescence and young adulthood when he began to realize that “we were just kids / watching…

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