Small Town Kid meets Googleplay and GoogleBooks. . .

Continuing my journey of listing titles ‘wide’, rather than exclusive to Kindle, I’ve established a beachhead in Googleplay.

A bit of a palaver, but I have created my account, and had it accepted, and uploaded a book – Small Town Kid – and had it go live.

Woo hoo!

I have no idea what real benefit, if any will flow from this, but it feels very satisfying, and my current understanding is the the three major distributors (apart from Amazon/Kindle) are SMashwords, Draft2Digital and Googlebooks, so I’m getting around them all.

I’ve gone slowly because GooglePlay/GoogleBooks seemed a little tricky, initially, but got there, in the end.

Check it out here, if you like:

I’ll upload more books when I get the chance.

I don’t mean to disparage Amazon/Kindle at all. They are a huge retailer for all things books and the easiest by far to get a sense of ranking and movement. A Kindle copy of Small Town Kid was purchased in Australia a few days ago and immediately (almost), the rankings for the book changed and it was sunning itself up the top of the Australian Poetry classification. I’ll confess (again) that I really enjoy that. Very much! LOL

Small Town Kid cover image – 04/08/2021

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