Small Town Kid – price drop promotion

I’ve advertised Small Town Kid in both, the US and UK, via the promotional newsletter of ‘The Fussy Librarian‘.

You might recall I was beside myself a short time ago when Walk Away Silver Heart hit #1 in about 8 Kindle categories and in a couple of different countries. That was a free promotion, also through The Fussy Librarian, and resulted in over 500 downloads, so I thought I’d give Small Town Kid a plug as well, to see what happens. This promotion prices the e-book at $0.99 in the US, and the equivalent in the UK.

Naturally enough, I’d be delighted if any follower of the blog, here, wanted to take advantage of the reduction, so I’ll provide the link below. The promotion is only for a couple of days, so be quick.

For Australian readers, I’m pleased to let you know that as I write, Small Town Kid is selling for $8.72. This is a coincidental promotion, but represents good value, I think.

This link is to, but you should be redirected to your home region without any trouble. (BTW, all my books are free to read, at present, on Kindle Unlimited).

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