Idling – out loud and on paper

I’m having a bleary day, today. I think my eyes are protesting from too much close attention to e-book formatting, as I’ve been attempting turn The Cielonaut, with all its stellar imagery – into an e-pub format e-book.

I haven’t quite got there yet, and my eyes are watering to the point where it is difficult to concentrate on the task.

So. What to do?

A sensible person would spend a day away from the computer, and I might do that, yet, but I find my mind contemplating short poetry and the ways to present it to an audience. If I muster the focus, I might write a brief post, either today or tomorrow on the subject and tart it up for my webpage, accompanied by some recordings to highlight and illustrate.

I’m thinking I might go with some of the recent work from my Tibetan Book of Living and Dying project.

As always, assuming I get it done, I’ll welcome visits and feedback.


2 thoughts on “Idling – out loud and on paper

  1. I have that same problem sometimes. I would dose your eyes with some artificial tears drops and close them for a while. My eye doctor suggests a warm towel on them for 8 min before bed. — I know 8 sounds weird…but I didn’t argue with him. Good luck.😉

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