Small Town Kid – still ranking well

It's lovely to have Small Town Kid continuing to show up well on the Kindle lists. Thank you to all who have acquired a copy for themselves. For anyone newly visiting this site, the book is a poetry-memoir of growing up in small town Victoria (Australia) in the 1960s and 70s. It is guaranteed to … Continue reading Small Town Kid – still ranking well

Book Review – Voices (In The Trash)

Thank you Cage Dunn for a wonderful review of Voices (In The Trash). It is quite wonderful to know a reader has enjoyed engaging in conversation with these found objects (nudey nomes). Cage's review at Goodreads can be found here. Cage has been a close collaborator and my co-author on the Herja, Devastation book. Do … Continue reading Book Review – Voices (In The Trash)

Voices (In The Trash) – a delivery

It has been an exciting and nerve wracking couple of weeks in the life of the Voices picture book, with an order, purchase and delivery of five copies of the hardback edition to South Carolina in the US. Ellen (the purchaser) and I have been nervously tracking the order from first placement, here in Australia, … Continue reading Voices (In The Trash) – a delivery

An indulgence

A little while ago, during a period of Long Service leave from my psychiatric nursing job I got carried away with turning my entire back catalog into book form, ending up with 20 general collections of work and about 10 themed collections that are earmarked for for listing as available books. One of the collections … Continue reading An indulgence

Return of The Bakery Bears …

I created my first picture poetry book a year or more ago, now - The Beechworth Bakery Bears book. I know many visitors here will be familiar with them, but here's a pictorial reminder, in the form of a link to one of the two e-book editions I turned the project into. A Beechworth … Continue reading Return of The Bakery Bears …

Project #9

There have been a couple of additions to my current Seventeen Syllable Poetry project recently.

Seventeen Syllable Poetry

Tibetan Book Project – Poem #9

In case you’re wondering, this and other ‘project’ posts are experimental by me. I’m working with The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying – doing interpretations of what I read there.

My experiment is to take images of ephemeral, impermanent, perhaps fragile things (clouds, grasses, wildflowers and such) as visual background for each poem.

For the first time I am creating a collection with the poems unnamed. I’m not sure whether I will use numbers in any final collection

Hopefully, a seventeen syllable picture poetry book one day.

I will be delighted to receive any and all feedback.


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slow (until I know)

I havea slow guitarplaying plunkingquietin my mind shaping my thoughtsintosoft edges my ownpersonalmovie soundtrackslowed downfor in-between moments maybeapproaching a changeof reels or perhapsfilling timewhile I waitfor a next moment . . . the played notes bendlazybeneath my autumn sun an the tuneplaysall the timebutI only hearthe lyricsin small snatches no notionof the wholeof the songbut … Continue reading slow (until I know)