On the Road – Rabbit Books in Wagga

On the road.

Off to Wagga, today, at the invitation of a poet I met while reading at the Write Around the Murray (WAM) Festival earlier this year. Lachlan thought I might enjoy wandering North to read at the local poetry readings, which take place approximately monthly.

On the way I thought I’d earned some lunch and perhaps a slaking ale. So pulled up at a roadside pub, only to be disappointed.

You can see from the reflection in the glass that it is a gorgeous blue-sky day, here. Very warm.

So I pushed on and have made it to Wagga

I arrived a little early and wandered around town. It’s a lovely place, is Wagga, and I wish myself more capable of capturing buildings in photos because some of the old double story, balconied edifices here are magnificent.

I wandered along to Rabbit Books, which is hosting poetry tonight and had to catch my breath. I entered to a wonderful space that is combination bookshop and art gallery, art school and coffee shop, all in one.


Delighted also to meet Talia and Vicki on my rounds.

Enjoy the pics (hope they come up ok – I haven’t done a gallery before). I’m looking forward to some poetry and reading later tonight.

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