The New Asylum – update

Have just finished writing and posting the revisit to The New Asylum. It is a little exhausting doing this. Reflection and coherence, combined with WordPress demands for SEO structure and technique. Regardless, it is done, and it is here. Pop over for a peek if you'd like another stroll down my memory lane. I'll do … Continue reading The New Asylum – update

The New Asylum – Sally Cronin’s Review

Sally Cronin has re-posted her review of The New Asylum, which was launched just 12 months ago. Time really does fly! Check out the review, and if you'd like to visit Launch Day, there a handful of readings from the book up on Youtube, here. I'm a little amazed that it has been so long … Continue reading The New Asylum – Sally Cronin’s Review

The Authors Show – Interview

An Interview on The Authors Show I'm delighted to have had an interview with the folk at The Authors Show - a publishing industry podcaster based in the US. They are very active in obtaining and making available author interviews, and have a significant audience and very high ratings. Casting my eye over their list … Continue reading The Authors Show – Interview

Not an everyday #1 . . .

It's not your everyday #1 ranking or category, but The New Asylum is what it is and I'm grateful to those buying it through Amazon and elsewhere. I'm so very grateful, also, to those writing to me or stopping in the street here, around town to tell me how much they're getting out of reading … Continue reading Not an everyday #1 . . .

On the Road – Rabbit Books in Wagga

On the road. Off to Wagga, today, at the invitation of a poet I met while reading at the Write Around the Murray (WAM) Festival earlier this year. Lachlan thought I might enjoy wandering North to read at the local poetry readings, which take place approximately monthly. On the way I thought I'd earned some … Continue reading On the Road – Rabbit Books in Wagga

The New Asylum – new review

Thank you to Robbie Cheadle for a wonderful new review of the New Asylum. Check it out on GoodReads, here. Find the Robbie's Inspirations blog and links to her marvelous Sir Chocolate books and other writings here. ______________________________________________________________________________ Would you like to be notified about changes and developments in my writing world, new poetry … Continue reading The New Asylum – new review